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BMG International FZCO

Mr. Yasser Al Ahmad and Mr. Mohamed Sadek Al Ahmad founded “BMG International FZCO” in the Dubai Airport Free Zone of the United Arab Emirates in 2012. With the assistance of its sister company Al Bawasil General Trading LLC (founded in 1999), which is still one of the industry’s leaders in mobile whole sales trading today, “BMG International FZCO” has advanced significantly from its origins in Dubai. We have worked hard to become authorized distributors for numerous well-known brands, including Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Nokia, Realme, Oppo, Honor, JBL, gaming consoles, and many more. This perseverance paid off because of the strong relationships of “trust and favor that “BMG Group has built with all of its clients. “BMG” Group is dedicated to offering the finest possible consumer products and services, with an emphasis on three characteristics: assurance of distinctive devices for all manufacturers with which we work, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service. We have advanced by creating a collection of organizations that covers most of consumer electronics business.

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Sister Companies

We are committed to building trust, and credibility in all our business

BMG International FZCO

The company was startup by two brothers in 2012, Mr. Yasser Al-Ahmad and Mr. Mohammed Sadiq Al-Ahmad, in - Dubai Airport Free Zone. Our main activities focus on the import and export of mobile devices and wholesale trade that we have been dealing with since our establishment in Dubai a long time ago, and we are committed to giving you the best products at the best prices, mobile devices, tablets and wearable devices, focusing on three characteristics; Genuine hardware warranty for all brands we deal with with competitive prices and customer service.
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Al Thuraya Tower Trading L.L.C

Al Thuraya Tower Trading LLC, is a member of BMG Group, it was established by two partners Mr. Yasser Al Ahmad and Mr. Abdul Sattar Al Awasi in the year 2003, we are located in Deira, Al Musalla Street, 27th Street, Dubai, we trade in many products to name a few; Thuraya satellite phones, Al Thuraya recharging cards, Garmin navigation systems, Promate accessories, Riversong related accessories, a wide range of car accessories, multiple Chinese cell phones, audio/visual equipment, recording equipment, and Related accessories. Read more

Euphoria Luxury

Founded in 2021 by Mr. Hamza Al Ahmad, Euphoria Luxury Gifts is a member of BMG Group, we specialize in customized handcrafted and exclusive designs for smartphones, accessories plating and coating, using premium materials. Thus began the era of smart luxury. A precious gift that has become the culmination of a highly artistic synergy between technological power and the art of design. This is how the great word “Euphoria” was born, which has become synonymous with luxury, exclusivity, and prestige. Read more

Al Bawasel International

A subsidiary of BMG (Al-Bawassel Trading Company) located in Dubai, UAE and was established in 1999 to become a leading full-sale trading company, authorized distributor and reseller of Apple.Through key partnership and strategic cooperation with telecom giants such as Apple and Samsung And Huawei, Al-Bawassel has managed to earn its place efficiently. every member of the Al-Bawassel team has a goal: to serve its customers in the best possible way. As an extension of its success, BMG is trying to open new regional branches. Thus, Iraq is a promising telecom market, Al-Bawassel opened its branch in Baghdad in May 2021. read more

Movie Star Phone L.L.C

Movie Star Phone LLC, a member of BMG Group, was established in the year 2000 by Mr. Yasser Al Ahmad, which is located in Frij Al Murar District, 4th Street, Shop No. 1, in front of Sheikha Latifa Bint Hamdan Mosque, Deira, Dubai, from the beginning we have distinguished ourselves by providing the highest quality used iPhones, our stocks are certified from global auctions for Apple, , we have a team of experienced technicians whose main goal is to ensure that there is no stock defects, minimal or no scratches, and that the devices are 'New' `Fully high quality, including new battery. Read more

We Do Logistics

We Do Logistics is a subsidiary of BMG Group, started in 2021 by Mr. Kasem and Hamza Al-Ahmad we provide Freight Services to facilitate the movement of international stocks movements, for many customers around the world, wither in UAE, Arabian Gulf, Middle East and many more destinations we at We Do are always working to provide the best international shipping and freight solutions that meet the desire of customers, wherever they want, with time, quality, reasonable costs and maximum speed. We have the ability to get the right delivery of any shipping business ... Read more

Golden Ring Mobile Phone L.L.C

Golden Ring Mobile Phone LLC is a member of BMG Group, established in 2002 by Mr. Yasser Al Ahmad and Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Ahmad, we are located in Frij Al Murar District, 4th Street, Shop No. 2, Deira, Dubai, since its inception, the company has focused on mobile accessories wholesale business, we have distinguished ourselves with genuine stocks as we are the authorized distributors for several brands like SanDisk, Anker, HP, Samsung, Huawei and Ideal of Sweden, Building on our continued growth, we become JBL Authorized Distributors in both Iraq and Libya.
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Al Bawasel General Trading L.L.C

A subsidiary of BMG Group, Al Bawasel General Trading LLC was founded in 1999 by two devoted brothers, Yasser and Mohammad Sadek Al Ahmad, and is situated in Deira, Al Khaleej Street, in front of the Hayat Regency Hotel. We trade in all well-known mobile brand names in wholesale quantities, including Apple, Samsung, Oppo, Infinix, Realme, Honor, Nokia, Xiaomi, JBL, and many more, as well as the bulk of high-quality mobile accessories. The complete group was founded from this mother organization. Our reputation has been established by honesty, diligence. Read more

Miami Rent a Car

Miami Rent a Car was launched in 2021. By Mr. Abul Rahman Al Ahmad, our core business is luxury car rentals, it is managed by a group of highly qualified and experienced employees, which is demonstrated by a friendly approach and flexibility in our dealings, whether our customers are individuals or companies, Miami owns a fleet of modern, luxury and sports cars, we have cars that fit all occasions and budgets that provide complete safety and comfort, as the company has succeeded in establishing itself as a name Prominent in the world of car rental. Read more

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احمد الغامدي
احمد الغامدي
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شكرا جزيلا لكم، وشكر خاص للسيد ياسر ادب وذوق واخلاق الله يعطيكم العافيه
محمد العتيبي
محمد العتيبي
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مشاء الله شغل ولا اروع على الموعد مصداقيه شغل بذمه وضمير واسعار منافسه شكرا لكم ويعطيكم العافيه
ابو فهد
ابو فهد
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BMG is headquartered in Dubai, and has companies in several major economic sectors, and focuses on achieving superior quality through the development of its various projects in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East and North Africa region, and Dubai is one of the most open economies in the world and depends heavily On foreign trade to achieve economic growth, which increased our expansion, and thanks to its continuous experience since its establishment in 1999, “BMG” is a trusted name in the smart devices, shipping and trade sectors.