Company Departments 

The departments mentioned below are included in the organizational structure of "BMG International FZCO", and they carry out the tasks and duties of their own, including the following departments:

Human Resource Management

HR department undertakes planning for the human resources, selecting cadres, analyzing, job descriptions, evaluating employee performance. HR Department also specializes in selecting and appointing distinguished administrative competencies, as well as performing many other activities, such as preparing payroll, promotions, vacations, career planning, and supervising the development and training of the company's employees' skills. This department works on following-up the personnel affairs with government and private agencies, supervising the company's services and providing its own needs.

Financial Management

Financial management is a great importance within all institutions and companies, and it is concerned with collecting funds for the company, managing it, and planning its expenses on various assets. This department is responsible for ensuring effective management and financial control to support all business activities. The department’s responsibilities cover (bookkeeping, cash flow, working capital management, budget and future forecasts, financial reporting and analysis managing the company’s investments and assisting managers in making key strategic decisions for the company).

IT Management

This department supervises the IT services in all departments of the company, follow-up the related needs and provides necessary technical support. It is responsible for preparing studies, recommendations, specifications, and contracts related to information technology, systems and technical applications, network management and security developing technical systems and applications and ensuring their maintenance to improve workflow and complete tasks to the fullest, in addition to a digital marketing team specialized in managing social media pages and creative graphic designers.

Stores Management

The warehouse is one of the important departments on which the financial and administrative affairs are based, Its main objective is to keep and manage the various items that the company purchases and maintains the products awaiting distribution and marketing. One of the tasks of this department is to manage the inventory with all that is involved scientifically, follow-up, recording, and maintaining the products in the best condition until they are delivered in there are various storage locations in addition to a cadre of highly qualified and experienced staff.

Sales Management

It is responsible for developing the company's ability to sell its products in order to achieve higher profitability. The process includes setting annual goals, providing supply and demand forecasts, developing a strategic sales plan, preparing the company's sales budget, and generating revenue and motivate the team to achieve and surpass it. The overall objective of sales management is to help the company achieve presence and spread in the increasingly competitive target market. The company makes focused efforts on people to achieve long and short-term goals.

Marketing Management

It includes the functions that have a significant and influential role in promoting and marketing the products or services provided by the company and are able to spread the brand significantly and is the only department that works on developing strategic plans for marketing the company’s products on a wide perimeter, which It is possible to reach outside the borders of the state and it is working to determine the prices of those products in order to reflect positively on the company’s revenues, and it works to attract new customers constantly because of the innovative and distinctive methods it chooses in the marketing campaigns, which it constantly supervises and follows up on its results from By studying sales results.

Our companies 

BMG is headquartered in Dubai, and has companies in several major economic sectors, and focuses on achieving superior quality through the development of its various projects in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East and North Africa region, and Dubai is one of the most open economies in the world and depends heavily On foreign trade to achieve economic growth, which increased our expansion, and thanks to its continuous experience since its establishment in 1999, “BMG” is a trusted name in the smart devices, shipping and trade sectors.