With an inspiring vision for the future

BMG’s senior management team consists of highly qualified experts with years of experience in various fields. Members of the leadership team possess exceptional practical skills and innovative concepts in designing business processes, building policies and business strategies, and implementing them efficiently and effectively. Together, they jointly lead BMG with steady steps into the future. We at “BMG” are led by our values to always work according to our vision that pushes us to move forward in order to achieve new achievements in all business sectors and companies in which we work. Perhaps the most important characteristic of working within BMG is the credibility as well as the clients’ trust in us, which is the result of a number of previous successes, so all our activities are based on them.

Management team

The members of the Executive Management participate efficiently and effectively in managing the day-to-day operations, considering the strategic growth objectives of the company, and they supervise the implementation of any decision issued by the Board of Directors.

Sadek Al-Ahmad


Abdul Rahman Al Ahmad


Muhi Aldiyn

Executive Manager

Khalid Salman

Operation Manager

 Obada Frfrawi

IT Manager

Our companies 

BMG is headquartered in Dubai, and has companies in several major economic sectors, and focuses on achieving superior quality through the development of its various projects in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East and North Africa region, and Dubai is one of the most open economies in the world and depends heavily On foreign trade to achieve economic growth, which increased our expansion, and thanks to its continuous experience since its establishment in 1999, “BMG” is a trusted name in the smart devices, shipping and trade sectors.